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Logo Design

Your recognition is important and it must look great!

Website Design

The best way to commercialize you services is to have a place for people to visit

Website Deveopment

A guru behind the scene, technology and structure are very crucial!

Website Optimisation

Speed, performance, html validation and structure are very important for good Google ranking

Responsive Design

Your service could suffer from lower google index if you do not have a mobile friendly website.

Wordpress Integration

Installing a theme, maintaining or setting up new WP CMS


MVC is very dynamic, and fast. Angular is modular framework, which has become widely used in shared scope of technologies.

Ionic Framework

Mobile framework designed for building mobile applications for the modern browsers using angular.

Bootstrap 3

Responsive mobile and desktop framework can be used with any client technologies, ready with UI features and Flexbox.

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Do you need a website?

These days, most people search for goods and services online before they buy. And for many businesses, their website has become a virtual shop window. For this reason, having a website to maintain an online presence is critical. However, not all websites are created equal and owning a website doesn’t automatically guarantee that you will achieve your on-line goals. For a website to be effective there are many factors that come in to play; but, at the very least, a website should:
  • attract traffic
  • be easy to navigate around
  • support your brand (not be just an add-on to the rest of your marketing)
  • get a commitment from users (buy from or contact you).
At Creative At Work, we design clean, vibrant and smart websites that will achieve your objectives.
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User-centric websites

A website must be user centric. What does this mean? Well, it must be as easy as possible for the user to use — if a feature is too difficult to work out, let’s face it, you achieve nothing. So, to create a user-centric or user-friendly website, it’s important to understand the characteristics of web users. As a general rule they:
  • are impatient
  • don’t read in a linier way
  • like the comfort of certain website standards (it doesn’t pay to get too tricky).

Great website design guides the user

We keep user characteristics in mind when designing websites. By understanding the application of colour, size, contrast and the positioning of elements, we create websites that guide the user throughout and make it easy for them to find the information they need.
great website guides the user

Mobile Responsive Design

Having a mobile friendly website is a must for any successful business, since everyone uses their phones to browse the net, we want to find information quickly and easily, for those without mobile websites well you are missing out big time, google will rank you lower in search results and you will receive lower flow of traffic since your website is not mobile friendly. Creative At Work uses the latest technologies for Responsive Design integration, so if you are looking for an upgrade get in touch now. Check out our price offer.


  • Michael has improved my websites including mobile design and SEO awareness, he has a great knowledge of technology, he knows what he is doing, great job!

    Nicky M.
  • I use Michael’s service quite often because he can deliver! His service is great and he understands my frustrations since I have no clue about websites.

    Norman B.
  • Michael’s affords really paid of I now have a responsive website thanks to his affordable service,
    I couldn’t find anywhere else. His work is fantastic!

    Rachel A.
  • I had a website without mobile design, I never knew that having responsive design can improve your overall ranking on google, thanks Michael!!! He encouraged me in integrate mobile responsive feature, and I started seeing slight improvement in overall traffic, I’m very happy with his service and recommend him to anyone!

    Daniel R.
  • I have worked with Michael on improving my website’s responsive design, as it was outdated with some bugs on the page. Hi recommended that I should have error free website because it’s bad for SEO. I was very happy with my new responsive design look and it works great on my iPhone, now I’m ready for mobile customers! Thanks Mike your service was as you promised 100%!

    Alex P.